Contrary to popular opinion, political decay and impoverishment are not immutable facets of contemporary African lives. According to the World Bank World Tables (1984), as recent as 1970, Africa’s GNP per capita as a percentage of the world was roughly three times greater than that of East and South Asia. This is not a typo. These regions, as you have rightly observed includes China, South Korea and Taiwan (in East Asia) and India (in South Asia). By the turn of the century, few Africans were better off than their grandparents were at the end of the colonial period in the sixties. While the continent went to sleep, the rest of the world grew with Asia becoming the new engine of growth of the global economy. What went wrong? This blog creates a platform for friends of Africa to come together to share ideas on how to deal with perhaps the greatest challenge of our times: harnessing Africa’s human, financial, physical, social and yes natural resource capital to make the continent realize its unlimited potential. Liberal democratic capitalism has promised so much for Africa, yet delivered too little. The status quo is untenable. Bring your ideas to the fore, no matter how unorthdox they may be and let’s leave the continent a better place than we found it. To borrow the words of Benjamin Franklin, “if we give in on this issue, posterity will never forgive us”. The Neo-African Consensus believes the time is now.


2 Responses to About

  1. Milly Roy says:

    Sounds engaging. Context/history would be a great place to start for those a bit disconnected…

  2. skatz says:

    interesting and very relevant blog Kwame and co. – definately one to tune in to.

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